Examinations are conducted on regular basis i.e., Four Formative Assessments and two Summative Assessments. The average of the academic performance of each child for the purpose of promotion shall be computed as follows:
20% of Formative Assessments
80% of Summative Assessment I & II
The time table for each test is communicated to the student in advance in their respective classes. Attendance at all examinations is compulsory as such any boy/girl who absents himself/herself, from any examination shall be awarded zero for the same. Exemption shall be granted on medical grounds which shall be certified by the registered practitioner.
Hence, parents / guardians are requested not to ask for exemption from examination for the purpose of marriage function, pilgrimages, pleasure trips etc.
No re examination will be conducted if the student fails to attend the examination due to any of the above mentioned reasons.
The minimum pass marks in each subject is 40%. However for securing rank a student should get a minimum of 41% in each subject.
A student who takes or gives dishonest help in examination will be debarred from the rest of the examinations and an even more drastic step, namely dismissal, may be taken by the Principal.
Parents must clear the school fee before the commencement of the examination failing which the student may be debarred from the examination.
Promotion are made once a year after the annual exams. Every pupil has to put in minimum of 95% attendance with a condemnation up to 10% for valid reasons.
If Student fails after repeating the same class once, he /she has to leave the school.
A student who repeats the class even for the first time, may have to leave the school if there is no vacancy in the class, or if he is over aged.
No application for reconsideration of the case of a boy/girl who has been detained in a class will be entertained except in very exceptional circumstances warranting such a move ,once the promotions are announced after a very careful scrutiny of the valued answer scripts and of their entry of marks by the Principal and the staff.
There will be no re-examinations at any time for any reason, except when a student is required to represent the school in some activities outside.
Before every examination a books competition form and the examination form will be given to the students. It is responsibility of both the student and parent to ensure the competition of all formalities pertaining to books completion form and examination form.
Progress reports are issued at the end of each series of Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments. Specimen signature and initials of the parents / guardians must be given in the columns in the progress reports.
Progress reports are issued regularly and parents themselves must sign and return them to school promptly, Students are liable to be sent back home for failure in getting the report-properly signed by the parents promptly.
Parents must take a very careful study of the report when sent to them and in case of failure in any subject, they must do the needful to improve their marks in coming tests.
The Formative Tests are conducted every one and half months in the 1st and 2nd term. The marks will be announced to the students on the 2nd Monday following the test. The same day the answer scripts will be given to the student. These scripts should be returned to the teacher concerned by the end of the week with parents signature.
Students whose parents do not collect the report card on time will not be allowed in the class strictly.
1. Strict regularity, obedience, courtesy in speech and conduct are expected from every student.
2. Student must maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness.
3. Home assignments shall be done regularly and carefully and submitted in time.
4. School premises must be kept clean and tidy.
5. Irregular attendance, unsatisfactory performance in studies, disobedience and objectionable conduct in and outside the school campus will justify dismissal from the school.
6. Students are not expected to take part in any political activities.
7. Every student is expected to look after his/her belongings: books, umbrella, rain-coat, tiffin carriers etc. These should be marked with his name. He should avoid having money on valuables with him. The school does not hold itself responsible if books, clothes, cycles or other articles are lost.
8. Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones, ipods, mp3 players, cameras and electronic devices . If found the same will be returned at the end of the academic year.
9. Every Student must maintain discipline both inside and outside the school campus.